We do offer farm/house calls for established clients only.

For most procedures, it is much easier for our veterinarians and staff to come to you than it is for you to bring your horse or large animal into our office. For this reason, we are proud to be able to offer ambulatory services.

We will come to your farm for a variety of purposes. The most common reason for our visit is to do wellness examinations and vaccinations, though we are also able to perform dentistry too. We commonly travel to perform pre-purchase examinations so that you can ensure that you are buying a healthy animal.

Lameness examinations can also be performed at your farm. After the initial physical examination, we have the ability to take radiographs and perform ultrasonography right then and there. Our veterinarians are also skilled at performing all sorts of therapies on site.

We are able to perform routine surgeries at your farm, including castrations. We do many wound repairs in the field. Some tumors are small enough to be removed at your farm instead of our surgical suite.

Routine reproductive examinations can usually be done at your place too. We can use an ultrasound to gauge the stage of estrous before artificially inseminating a mare. We will follow up with ultrasonography to check for pregnancy. We can help with difficult births also.

We are also proud to offer ambulatory emergency services for patients that get hurt and need immediate care, whether we are open or not. If we are open, one of our veterinarians will come over as soon as they are able. When our office is closed, one of our veterinarians is on call. After calling, you can determine with our on-call veterinarian how quickly your animal needs to be seen.

Our trucks are stocked with a full pharmacy so that your animals can get any medications that he or she needs right away. It is our goal to be a one-stop shop so that your animals can get the care he or she deserves.

If you have any questions about our ambulatory services, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (918) 244-0269.